quarter-turn valve electric actuators

Group TET
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment T/T
Update Time 2018-10-07

Product Function and Feature                                                  

IQT series are quarter-turn valve electric actuators.The product has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, high reliability, high protection performance, low noise and so on. The deceleration mechanism is two-stage worm gear and worm deceleration mechanism. The product is equipped with involute spline joint, which is convenient for multi-angle installation of electric device and valve. And the spline joint can be easily removed and completed with the valve stem hole and keyway processing; with mechanical limit device, can achieve mechanical travel protection; full shell spraying treatment, beautiful and good protection.

Technical Parameters

Power SupplyIQT1~4: AC 380V 50Hz, Three-phase

AC 220V 50Hz, Single-phase

IQT5~7: AC 380V 50Hz, Three-phase     (Non-standard power supply should be confirmed by ordering and should be referred to nameplate.)

Protection ClassIQT1~4: IP67~IP68, IQT5~7: IP67

Torque Range40N.m12000N.m

Speed Range0.25 2 r/min

Explosion-proof ClassEx dBT4 Gb

The product for short-time duty, rated time for 10 min.