stainless steel flanged check valve

Group flanged check valve
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment T/T
Update Time 2018-07-07

check valve is used to prevent double-flap back media,suitable for water,steam,oil,nitric acid,strong oxidizing medium and the urea and other media.

1.double valve butterfly valve on the folder structure length of the short length of its structure,only the traditional flange check valve 1/4 to 1/8

2.small size,light weight,its weight is only the traditional flange check valve 1/4 to 1/20

3.wafer butterfly valve ,the water hammer pressure is small.

4.horizontal pipe and vertical pipe can be used,easy installation.

5.wafer butterfly valve,flow smooth,fluid resistance is small

6.movement sensitive,good sealing performance

7.impact force is small

8.the overall structure simple and compact,attractive appearance

9.long life and high reliability